WDW 50th Celebration

I had a wonderful day at Magic Kingdom for the 50th Anniversary celebration! I got there around 6:30am, immediately got a locker and proceeded to the Emporium! Let me tell you, it was a mad house! It felt like New Years Eve in Times Square. Luckily I grabbed everything I was looking for friends and family. I got out just in time for the Welcome show. I loved it! The new character outfits are ADORABLE!! I tried to recreate Minnies look, and I linked my pieces below.

There were lines everywhere, for everything. Emporium, Starbucks, Mobile ordering… It was a lot of waiting around, but it was still magical. Standing in so many lines, I made a few friends. We all commented on the same things.. how crazy it was, how people were fighting for loungefly ears and backpacks… crazy! At least everyone was in a pleasant mood.

There was a lot of media there, they mostly stuck to the hub lawns. At one point, Bob Chapek was there doing interviews along with all the Disney executives. They all said hello to the crowds and left.

They had exclusive day-of merch at the Big Top Souvenirs tent, for which you could only get in via Virtual Queue, this was also the case at the Frontier shop for attraction pins. These spots were VERY difficult to come by, I finally got in around 1-2pm after waiting since 7am to join. Check out my IG highlights to see all the cute merch I found!

I got my spot about 3 hours early for Beacons of Light. I thought it was pretty, but not worth waiting that long to get a spot for. I liked Enchantment, it’s not Happily Ever After (HEA), but you shouldn’t compare the two, because they’re two different shows. I really disliked HEA at first because Wishes was my favorite, and now I really miss HEA. I‘m sure in time, Enchantment will feel the way HEA did. I got emotional during Enchantment, they updated the show with newer characters from the films which was awesome! I wish they had more tributes to the 50 years of Magic and Magic Kingdom portrayed in the show, but I thought they did a great job with the timing of music, lasers, and fireworks.

For me, it was worth it to go and get day-of only merch, to see the new parade, and to see Enchantment. However, there wasn‘t as many events as I thought there would be. There wasn‘t a lot of “new“ things to see, except maybe a couple updated popcorn bucket, snack paper, and a few snacks, but that’s about it.

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