About Me

Hiya Pal!

I’m Abbie, a Disney Lifestyle Content Creator

  • I’m all about cute, classy, simple and afforable Disney style! Whether I’m Disney Bounding or rocking a vintage park sweater, you can always catch me showing my love for Disney!
  • I’m a full-time Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working in a Cardiac Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and a part-time proud Disney adult! I love all Disney parks for nostalgia, snacks, and style, including fashion, home, and travel. I’m a WDW AP and visit the parks more times than I can count!
  • I’m a Disney content creator. I love everything about it, I grew up with Disney in my heart, and it will always be apart of my journey. I truly find joy in finding new ways to incorporate Disney into my everyday life! Sometimes that means styling a new clothing item, or maybe decor for around my home, or finding adorable Disney inspiration anywhere I go. Where ever I am, I will be my honest, a little goofy, and awkward self lol
  • I started a very small shop where I design stickers, apparel, and decor inspired by magic! I’m still new, and learning! This all began because I wanted to find a way to put Disney inspo on EVERYTHING in my life, literally. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I started making my own. Let me know if you love it too!
  • I LOVE Disney bounding. It has given me a new way to express my love for all characters in the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars universe! Check out my blog and amazon store front for some inspo!
  • If you see me in the parks, please say hi! I love making new friends!